These are questions you should ask when interviewing an in home health care agency along with our answers to each.

Will you take care of all required payroll paperwork for my parent’s worker?

Yes, we pay and report all taxes and workers compensation for our staff. Using a contractor or private caregiver could lead the payer exposed to tax liabilities.

Are you Medicare certified?

Yes, we are a certified Medicare provider for in home health care services which means we can take Medicare payments for services.

Can my parent’s and I interview candidates?

Yes, we will let you choose who you want to be your caregiver.

What kind of background check do you do on your employees?

We have our employees BCI/FBI finger printed for background check, check county sites and drug test. We look into expunged cases to check for felonies that may have been released.  We check 5 state databases to search for prior offenses.

Do you check your employee’s driving record and drivers license?

Our caregivers must maintain a valid driver's license and insurance if they are driving the clients.

Are your employees bonded and insured?

All of our caregivers are covered with our bonding and insurance policy.

Do you provide training and updating of critical care services for your employees?

All of our caregivers are required to take 14 hours of health care in-services per year.

Are the healthcare workers your employees or independent contractors?

All of our caregivers and staff are employees of Cura Care

What kind of supervision do you provide?

We do random check-ins on our caregivers and patients.

How do you handle an employee’s sick days, vacation days, and holidays? Will you automatically send a replacement worker?

We will notify you that a different caregiver may be coming out if your caregiver is sick or needs time off. Nobody will just show up without you knowing ahead of time.

Do you have customers I can talk to about their experiences?

We will provide as many references as you want. The best references are online. Check us out as well as any other company online before starting services.

Do you accept payment from insurance companies?

We take payment from most insurance companies and bill them for you. Our experience with long term care insurance companies will assure fast and proper payments from them. No need to worry about denied claims.

What kind of service agreement is required?

Cura Care’s contact is a simple two week contract renewed every two weeks. What this means is that you can cancel our services if you are not happy.

Does the home health care company GPS Track its caregivers?

We verify, through GPS technology, that our caregiver is on time and you are billed the actual hours worked. Most agencies will round up to the nearest half hour.

Will they provide you with the caregiver’s phone number?

We are very transparent you can call the caregiver, our president or call the office anytime you need something.

Will they provide services like cutting the grass, shoveling snow, changing furnace filters or whatever is needed around the senior’s residence?

We can provide any service you need inside or outside of your home.

Does the agency provide transportation services?

Our staff is insured with your car or their car and can run errands or take to the client to appointments.

Do you feel comfortable talking with them?

This is one of the most important issues with in home care. You must feel 100% comfortable and trust the agency you are with.

Do they provide a free life alert system, Web cams and a medication dispensing system?

We provide a Cura Alert, Cura View and Cura Minder with at least 25 hours a week of service.

I worked at Fernald Nuclear plant. Can you provide free 24/7 in home care?

Yes, Cura Care is one of two certified agencies to be approved by the Department of Labor to provide these services.

Do you work with the Veterans administration to help veterans qualify for up to $2200 month in free in home care?

Yes, we will help get the benefit started for you ASAP. We will also carry you through the process so you can start immediately and not wait for funds to start, which can take 3-12 months.

Are you flexible with days and times?

This is a VERY important part to getting started. We will work with you and adjust the schedule as you need.

What are the required minimum hours?

We usually have a 3 hour minimum one day per week.

Can you help me figure out how to handle everything from payment, to financial planning, to maintenance on the house?

Whatever you need, we are here to help you.